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About Us

In operation since 1999, Destination Le Mirage Inc. Outfitter is located at Victoriaville, in the Centre-du-Quebec region. The private territories operated by the outfitter are located in areas 7 South, 7 north and 6 North where we find all the topographic profiles (mountainous lands, dense landscaped woodlands of multiples species, varied culture fields and sources of water) required for proliferation of various coveted game.

The last decade has witnessed a considerable increase in deer populations and migratory birds frequenting directly the Bois Francs area. The ban on deer hunting, in force for more than 20 years in zone 7, and expansion of the migration’s corridor of Snow geese and Canada geese are two underlying causes of livestock present on the territory, an average density of 6.8 deer / sq. km and a herd estimated at 180,000 migratory birds frequenting the réservoir Beaudet at Victoriaville. To this, just add the last 3 years, efforts by various dedicated to the reintroduction of a wild turkey population on the whole territory of the Bois-Francs organizations. The species took advantage of perfect breeding conditions that we find today and has impressionnates populations and growing.

Noting the hunting potential available to them, two local developers, Martin Poisson and Pierre Chassé have created a company advocating sound management of this valuable wildlife resource, offering the opportunity to practice legal, safe, easily geographically accessible hunting activity in mid-urban areas, and most importantly, while keeping the disorientation’s feeling known of when hunting in remote areas.

Destination Le Mirage Inc. Outfitter in partnership with the Falls Gully outfitter which we co-owner, also offers Atlantic salmon fishing into its product catalog. The ultimate challenge for every fisherman is without a doubt, one day, to confront Salmo Salar. Martin Poisson and his team of guides offer an unforgettable journey on the Gaspé Peninsula where you can find this great migratory of our waters, the Atlantic salmon.

With advice received from "the local guys", the experienced guides and most importantly, motivated by a boundless passion to this beautiful fishing activity, Martin and his team can now share the experience gained over time and initiate any anglers wanting to confront SALAR. The unforgettable experience of catching a salmon is now within the reach of all. The availability of this resource, so long reserved for the privileged, is now available to you.Living a dream! This is what Destination Le Mirage Inc. Outfitter offers you.

Your guides & experts:

Hunting guide Martin Poisson

Mirage 360

Martin Poisson, T.A.C.H. graduated

Professional guide, Fishing & Hunting: Atlantic salmon & other fishes – Migratory birds & deer hunting. Supported by Stoeger Canada (Beretta weapons and clothing), Prostaff Amundson (fishing rod and reel) and member of Torrent’s guide team (fly fishing clothing).





Hunting guide Renée Gignac

Mirage 360

René Gignac, Professional hunter and cameraman for Bonne Chasse TV show.

Hunting guide: Migratory birdsl, wild turkey and deer. Supported by the Ecotone banner and Destination Plein Air Store (Trois-Rivières), Prostaff Sportchief.


Bonne CHasse

Recall Design

Hunting guide Frédéric Vaillancourt Frédéric Vaillancourt, T.A.C.H graduated

Hunting guide: Migratory birds and deer. Supported by Recall Designs custom calls (Réal Charlebois)

Recall Design

Hunting guide Brian Bergeron Brian Bergeron

Migratory birds hunting and Wild Turkey guide, owner of "B B Migration store" and bird calling specialist

Migration BB

Hunting guide Raynald Arsenault Raynald Arseneault

Atlantic salmon fishing guide

Hunting guide Dial Arsenault Dial Arseneault

Atlantic salmon fishing guide

Hunting guide Nicolas Blouin Nicolas Blouin «Big Nick»

Migratory birds hunting guide, supported by Beretta


Hunting guide Yvan Cormier Yvan Cormier, « the wood runner »

Deer hunting guide, supported by Spypoint and Buck Expert.



Hunting guide André Arsenault André Arseneault

Deer hunting guide. Territory supervisor.

Hunting guide Charles Labercque Charles Labercque, «Charley»

Migratory bird and Turkey. Territory supervisor.