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Whitetail deer Hunting

Destination Le Mirage Inc. Outfitter offers the opportunity to hunt deer on private land located in areas 7 South, 7 Noth and 6 North. Due to exclusive use agreements with landowners, the outfitter has several territories, totaling nearly 4,500 acres, available for American & European plans, or homing mode (land rental only) which are used in rotation mode to provide constant quality hunting. Each territory, with a minimum area of 100 acres, is offered in customized package according to the plan chosen and with or without accommodation.

The regular packages, for a period of 5 full days of hunting, take place on designated & exclusive hunting territory and especially frequented by game. Upon arrival, each group of hunters will be given a map of the territory and will be supported by a territory supervisor or assigned guide (depending on the chosen package) that will be eager to answer questions from the group and proceed to an immediate visit of their allocated hunting territory. PERSONALIZED PACKAGES (less than 5 days and/or for 1 to 3 hunters) are also available. Rates will be provided upon request.

Two hunters showing their trophy after a day of whitetail deer hunting

The tranquility of the place and respect for their environment are pre-requisites for successful hunting. For those reasons, all territories are defined and identified by visual signs in addition to the constant surveillance managed by the outfitter. GPS configuration and mapping service is offered under certain fees.

Hunting methods used are connected to different periods and restrictions relating to the selected area. Therefore, bow, crossbow, rifle, shotgun and muzzleloader arms may be used. Each offered territory will be set according to the expectations of the group and by hunting methods used. Mobile equipment provided such as approved single or double towers, harness, tent, or other hides will already be deployed around baited sites and daily maintained by the outfitter. Support for game’s conservation will be made by outfitter’s staff during the complete stay.

The outfitter also offers the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive territory in homing mode. Thus, on a rental basis at a rate per acre, a group of hunters may obtain right of territorial use for a period of seven days (full week) or for the entire season. This type of package only includes the monitoring service and delineation made by the outfitter and therefore requires the group to provide the specific equipment.

An exclusive offer from Destination Le Mirage Inc. Outfitter

Each hunter from a group enjoying a full stay (5 days AMERICAN PLAN ONLY) of deer hunting having had the chance to raise his game in the first 2 days of the package will be offered the opportunity to participate in a half-day package for a migratory birds hunting during the 3 remaining days, at no additional cost.

Descriptions of available packages: Whitetail Deer

1) American Plan including: (house / inns accommodation only)

  • Assistance in preparation of formalities (import of weapons, drawing for special permits for antlerless deer, etc.)
  • Welcome at group's arrival and immediate attention.
  • Guide service (ratio 1 guide for 4 hunters)
  • Accommodation in house, hotel or cottage (with accommodation)
  • Accommodation in house / inns
  • Meals
  • Baiting
  • Exclusive territories and equipments (watchtower, tent cover, etc.)
  • Game's management & storage

2) European Plan, with or without accommodation, including: (a cottage or hotel / motel)

  • Assistance in preparation of formalities (import of weapons, drawing for special permits for antlerless deer, etc.).
  • Welcome at group's arrival and immediate attention.
  • Territory supervisor services.
  • Accommodation in cottage or hotel / motel
  • Baiting
  • Exclusive territories and equipments (watchtower, tent cover, etc.).
  • Game’s management & storage

3) Homing mode (self-guided tour) - land lease only including:

  • An exclusive designated territory (minimum of 100 acres)
  • Access to land two weeks before the stay for its preparation (7 days plan) and a full week including two weekends to practice the activity
  • OR
  • Access at all times to the territory under the conditions listed in the agreement (seasonal plan)

4) Hunting day (group 1 to 4 people) including:

  • An exclusive designated territory (minimum of 100 acres)
  • Territory supervisor services
  • Facilities on site (watchtower, tent cover, etc.)
  • Game’s management & storage
  • Baiting

Some details:

Some special permits for antlerless deer hunting being available after the draws made by SÉPAQ during the summer, the outfitter offers a subscription service to its customers in order to effectively participate in the management of livestock on its territory . More, by possibly obtaining some of these allowed by our landowners, the outfitter reserves the right to transfer the said license to its customers according to their availability and subject to certain administrative costs.

To maintain a certain level of adult male deer trophies, Destination Le Mirage Inc. Outfitter apply the QDM management principles on a few areas of 150 acres or more. In addition, the territories operated in zone 6 North are, since the season 2017, subject to the conditions of levy stipulated in the program RTLB. Finally, some territories have been arranged according to adequately meet the needs of all disabled people wishing to practice deer hunting.

Come live an unforgettable hunting experience in a very accessible area while finding the much sought scenery that provides a hunting trip in good company!